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Number Theory

Conference on Stark's Conjectures and Related Topics

Johns Hopkins University, Department of Mathematics 

August 5-9, 2002

A conference funded by the National Science Foundation, the Number Theory
Foundation and Johns Hopkins University. 

Organizing Committee

David Burns, King's College London, UK,
Cristian Popescu, Johns Hopkins University, USA,
Jonathan Sands, University of Vermont, USA,
David Solomon, King's College London, UK,

Description of the conference

In the last few years there has been a surge in research activity dedicated towards obtaining further explicit evidence for Stark's Conjecture, and in formulating and investigating natural variants, refinements or generalizations thereof. By bringing together the leading exponents of these different strands of research this conference aims to improve understanding of the links between them. In addition, the conference program will include a series of survey talks aimed at making accessible to as wide an audience as possible the main aspects of recent research into Stark's Conjecture. 

At this time, confirmed main speakers include.
D. Burns (King's College London), H. Darmon (McGill U. ), D. Dummit (U. Vermont), M. Flach (Caltech), C. Greither (Munich), B. H. Gross (Harvard U.), D. Hayes (UMass. Amherst), M. Kurihara (Tokyo Metropolitan U.), C. Popescu (Johns Hopkins U.), K. Rubin (Stanford U.), X. Roblot (U. Lyon), V. Snaith (U. of Southampton), D. Solomon (King's College London), H. Stark (U. C. San Diego).

Click on Registered Participants for a complete list of registered participants.

Abstract submission deadline. Those wishing to contribute a talk are invited to submit a title and short abstract by  June 15. Please send your title and abstract to the all of the following e-mail addresses:,,, Please indicate in your e-mail whether you would prefer a 30 minute slot or one of the (more limited in number) 45 or 60 minute slots.

Registration. The registration deadline is June 30. In order to register, please click on the "Registration" icon to the left. There will be a $30 registration fee, to be paid on the first day of the conference. The registration fee will be waived for all the invited speakers and graduate students. 

Financial Support. The deadline for applications for funding is June 15. In order to apply for funding please send an e-mail message to Jonathan Sands at and Cristian Popescu at

Lodging will be subsidized for all speakers. We also hope to be able to subsidize the travel expenses of speakers. 

Participation of graduate students and recent PhDs is strongly encouraged, and specific funding has been set aside to assist them. Therefore, please bring this announcement to the attention of any such individuals whom you know to be working in this or related areas. 

The organizers are committed to providing opportunities for women and traditionally  under-represented minorities. Members of these populations who wish to attend are strongly encouraged to apply for funding.