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Maxim Arap, J.J. Sylvester Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2011, University of Georgia
311 Krieger Hall, 410-516-7402
E-mail: marap
Research: algebraic geometry

Jacob Bernstein, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2009, MIT
408 Krieger Hall, 410-516-6089
E-mail: bernstein
Research: geometric analysis
Richard Brown, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Teaching Professor
Ph.D. 1996, University of Maryland
403 Krieger Hall, 410-516-8179
E-mail: brown
Research: dynamical systems, low dimensional topology
Caterina Consani, Professor
Ph.D. 1996, University of Chicago
410-B Krieger Hall, 410-516-5116
E-mail: kc
Research: arithmetical geometry, number theory, non-commutative geometry

Benjamin Dodson, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2009, University of North Carolina

E-mail: dodson
Research: partial differential equations, harmonic analysis
Nitu Kitchloo,  Professor
Ph.D.  1998, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
408-A Krieger Hall, 410-516-4321
E-mail: nitu
Research: symplectic geometry, topology of Kac-Moody groups, classical algebraic topology
Jian Kong, Associate Research Scientist/IT Senior Lecturer
Ph.D.  2001, University of Utah
407 Krieger Hall, 410-516-5115
E-mail: jkong
Research: algebraic geometry
John Lind, J. J. Sylvester Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2011, University of Chicago
216 Krieger Hall, 410-516-4568
Research: algebraic topology, bundle theory, category theory

Hans Lindblad, Professor
Ph.D. 1989, Lund Institute of Technology
406 Krieger Hall, 410-516-7686
E-mail: lindblad
Research: harmonic analysis, PDE, fluid dynamics and relativity

Jesus Martinez Garcia, J. J. Sylvester Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2013,  University of Edinburgh (UK)
208 Krieger Hall, 410-516-5848
E-mail: jmart168
Research: birational geometry, algebraic surfaces

Carl McTague, J. J. Sylvester Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2010,  Cambridge University (UK)
212 Krieger Hall, 410-516-7688
E-mail: mctague
Research: topology
Chikako Mese, Professor
Ph.D. 1996, Stanford University
314 Krieger Hall, 410-516-4518
E-mail: cmese
Research: geometric analysis
Jack Morava, Professor
Ph.D. 1969, Rice University
218 Krieger Hall, 410-516-7409
E-mail: jack
Research: algebraic topology, physics
Kate Okikiolu, Professor
Ph.D. 1991, University of California Los Angeles
303 Krieger Hall, 410-516-7398
E-mail: okikiolu
Research: harmonic analysis, spectral theory and geometry
Vamsi Pingali, J. J. Sylvester Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2013, Stony Brook University
412 Krieger Hall, 410-516-0156
E-mail: vpingali
Research: differential geometry, PDE, several complex variables
Bernard Shiffman, Professor & Chair
Ph.D. 1968, University of California, Berkeley
410 Krieger Hall, 410-516-7664
E-mail: shiffman
Research: several complex variables, complex geometry
Vyacheslav Shokurov, Professor
Ph.D. 1976, Moscow State University
410-A Krieger Hall, 410-516-7410
E-mail: shokurov
Research: algebraic geometry

Brian Smithling, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2007,  University of Chicago
301 Krieger Hall, 410-516-4047
E-mail: bds
Research: arithmetic and algebraic geometry
Christopher Sogge, J.J. Sylvester Professor
Ph.D. 1985, Princeton University
414 Krieger Hall, 443-996-7290
E-mail: sogge
Research: fourier analysis, partial differential equations

Joel Spruck, J.J. Sylvester Professor
Ph.D. 1971, Stanford University
408-B Krieger Hall,
E-mail: js
Research: partial differential equations, geometric analysis

Mihai Tohaneanu, J.J. Sylvester Asst Professor
Ph.D. 2009, University of California at Berkeley
220 Krieger Hall,
E-mail: mtohanea
Research: partial differential equations

Lu Wang, J.J. Sylvester Asst Professor
Ph.D. 2011, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
419 Krieger Hall 410-516-7729
Research: geometric analysis and geometric partial differential equations
W. Stephen Wilson, Professor
Ph.D. 1972, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
421 Krieger Hall, 410-516-7413
E-mail: wsw
Research: algebraic topology, homotopy theory
Jiuyi Zhu,  J. J. Sylvester Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2013, Wayne State University
313 Krieger Hall, 410-516-5128
E-mail: jzhu43
Research: PDE, harmonic analysis, geometric analysis
Steven Zucker, Professor
Ph.D. 1974, Princeton University
210 Krieger Hall, 410-516-7403
E-mail: sz
Research: hodge theory, algebraic geometry, global analysis, compactifications
Joint Appointments
Jonathan Bagger, Professor (Physics & Astronomy)
Ph.D. 1983, Princeton University (Physics)
Research: theoretical high-energy physics
Gregory Eyink, Professor (Applied Mathematics & Statistics)
Ph.D. 1987, Ohio State University (Physics)
Research: nonequilibrium statistical physics, partial differential equations, turbulence
Emeritus Faculty
J. Michael Boardman
Ph.D. 1965, Cambridge University
221 Krieger Hall, 410-516-7401
E-mail: jmb
Research: differential and algebraic topology
Philip Hartman
Ph.D.  1938, The Johns Hopkins University
Research: differential Equations, differential geometry
Takashi Ono, Professor
Ph.D. 1958, Nagoya University
E-mail: ono
221 Krieger Hall, 410-516-7408
Research: algebra, number theory, algebraic groups
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