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Recent Progress in Homotopy Theory

A cooperative program on homotopy theory is being planned for the Spring semester of 2000  at the Johns Hopkins University, in conjunction with the Japan-U.S. Mathematical Institute (JAMI), which we have in our department.

The organizers are J.M. Boardman, D. Davis, J.-P. Meyer, J. Morava, G. Nishida, W.S. Wilson, and N. Yagita.

The following topological faculty and visitors will be in residence for (substantially) the whole Spring 2000 semester (late January to early May):

Martin Bendersky (Hunter College, CUNY), Jan 15-Apr 30
J. Michael Boardman (Johns Hopkins U)
Donald M. Davis (Lehigh U & JHU)
J.-P. Meyer (Johns Hopkins U)
Mamoru Mimura (Okayama U), Feb 1-Apr 28
Jack Morava (Johns Hopkins U)
Douglas C. Ravenel (Rochester U), Jan 22 - Apr 17
Takeshi Torii (Johns Hopkins U)
W. Stephen Wilson (Johns Hopkins U)

In addition, the following participants are expected to be in residence for a month or more during the Spring 2000 semester:

Robert Bruner (Wayne State U), Mar 18-Apr 18
Emanuel Dror Farjoun (Hebrew U), Jan 17-Feb 17
John Hunton (U of Leicester), Mar 16-Apr 16
Norio Iwase (Kyushu U), Mar 1-31
Mark Mahowald (Northwestern U), Mar 1-31
Norihiko Minami (Nagoya Inst Tech), Jan 10-Mar 31
Goro Nishida (Kyoto U), Feb 21-Mar 31
Katumi Shimomura (Kochi U), Mar 1-31
Dai Tamaki (Shinshu U), Mar 1-31
Michimasa Tanabe (Kyoto U), Mar 10-Apr 10
Shuichi Tsukuda (Ryukyu U), Mar 10-Apr 10
Clarence Wilkerson (Purdue U), Jan 31-Feb 26
Nobuaki Yagita (Ibaragi U), Mar 1-31

There could well be changes to this list, especially the dates.

*Conference -  March 17-26, 2000

The conference will begin on Friday afternoon, March 17.  A typical conference day will consist of two plenary talks in the morning, and two talks in the afternoon; the afternoon talks will run in parallel sessions if needed.  This format will allow plenty of time for interaction outside of the talks.

There will be a banquet on Saturday, March 25.  At the banquet, the sixtieth birthdays of Peter Landweber and Stewart Priddy will be honored.  Talks on their work are planned during the last part of the conference.

If you are interested in attending the conference, please take a few moments to pre-registerHotel and Travel information is now available.

*Support for the conference is provided in part by the
National Science Foundation (INT-9815343), the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
and the Johns Hopkins University.

For additional information, please send e-mail to or call 410-516-4178.

Page last updated 03/20/00.

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